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Paul Davey Creative rates

My news, features and PR rates are in line with the National Union of Journalists
freelance guidelines.

My rates for commercial photography and post production are by negotiation for each brief based on a half day or part thereof or a full day. Many clients forget to take into account the cost of post-production, which can sometimes exceed the cost of the shoot, so please ask me what to expect and I will at least be able to give you a ballpark estimate.

As has long been standard practice for professional photographers, I retain the full copyright of all my work. I licence my clients to use the images I created for only the agreed purpose as invoiced. You will need my permission and I will invoice for any additional use of the images. By negotiation, you can purchase the copyright of the images I shoot for you, but this is definitely not a cheap option. Please refer to my
terms and conditions for full information.

Unpaid work. Sorry, I don't do that.
You would be amazed how often I am asked to work for free or on spec, so I am sure you will understand why I must clarify my position.

As a professional photographer with all the usual bills to pay as well as the expensive equipment required to do my job, I do not work for free. Ever. Neither do I do work in exchange for a credit below my pictures. I
expect to be credited anyway, as explained in my terms and conditions. I do not do unpaid work on spec to win a contract - indeed, if you would like to evaluate my work with a view to more in the future, you will be expected to pay the full rate but, if you like what I do for you, we can possibly negotiate a discount dependent on volume/regularity.

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